Bougainvillea Pre-Bonsai (1) Progression Series

This was a 6 ft. tall bougainvillea before it was trunk chop right after new year of 2012 to be trained as bonsai. This was planted on the ground for almost 4 years. It has a trunk diameter of approximately 6 inches and the height now is about 10 inches after the trunk chop. Planted it on a 3 gallon garden pot to be trained as future bonsai. It's been a month now and it's growing new shoots. I know that this bougainvillea still have a long way to go before it reaches a bonsai pot and I'm really getting more excited to see the final bonsai tree.

I hope to hear comments, suggestions and even tips and techniques on how to grow a bougainvillea bonsai. Happy Bonsai growing to all!

Bougainvillea Bonsai - Informal Upright
January 2012

  1. Bougainvillea - Wiring or Clip and Grow Method



how long will you wait to transfer this cuttings to actual bonsai pots ?

Hi Niranjan Panse...

I'm still in the process of growing branches and I'm using the escape root method to grow the girth of the branches a bit faster. I think it would take 2 to 3 years more before my bougainvillea bonsai be placed on a bonsai pot. Hopefully :)

This is how she looks now :)

nice pre-bonsai.
I wonder if you could share your new look of your bonsai.I eager to see what changes have you done on it.

Yes Mohammad, I will be taking new pictures again maybe this week.

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