Bougainvillea Bonsai - Root Escape Method

Bogainvillea Bonsai - Informal Upright
This is just one of my bougainvilleas that needs pruning and an update of my bougainvillea bonsai clip and grow method. To acquire faster growth on the branch girth, I used a method called escape root method. This method is simply allowing the roots to escape the pot and find its way on the ground.

This is a great alternative than planting directly on the ground because you can manage it easily. I did this method because I already have the trunk girth developed, all I need is to grow more are the branches girth and in this escape method I will grow my bougainvillea branch a bit faster. As you can see on the picture within about four months it did grow the branches quite well. You can compare the difference here on my Progression Series Pictures. I should have not pruned this yet but I was just preventing the branches to break because typhoon season is coming shortly. The branches are getting too long and I would rather do trimming back the branches than to be sorry in the end when it breaks.

My bougainvillea bonsai after pruning.

Bogainvillea Bonsai - Informal Upright


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Great job. Thanks for the post. Bouugainvilleas are wonderful, but wisterias are perfect for bonsai trees

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