Bougainvillea Shohin Bonsai Propagation

Bougainvillea Shohin BonsaiJust an update of my previous post (Future Plan) to get two shohin bonsai. The upper trunk of this specimen has a great potential to become another shohin bonsai because it has taper and a nice trunk movement. You can propagate bougainvillea through cuttings (soft or woody cuttings) and air layering. In my own opinion woody cutting at around 2 inches in diameter is the best, easy and the fastest way to propagate bougainvillea bonsai which can readily be use a shohin bonsai specimen.

Bougainvillea Shohin Bonsai
The lower trunk approximately 6in.
It started to grow new shoots after 2 weeks

Bougainvillea Shohin Bonsai
The upper trunk at about 4in.
Took off the old shoots and in a span
of just two weeks new shoots and an adventitious roots emerged.

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