Bougainvillea Flower

True Bougainvillea Flower

Bougainvillea Flower
Bougainvillea flower is often mistaken by many to be those colorful bracts. Those tiny trumpet-shaped, white or sometimes yellow-white are the true flowers of a bougainvillea plant. Those colorful bracts that surrounds those tiny flowers are the specialized leaves. Bracts are oftentimes different from foliage leaves and play a big role of inviting pollinators. Each array of bougainvillea flower are usually surrounded by three to six bracts. Bougainvillea flowers can also be used as dye.

Bougainvillea plant is a breed of thorny ornamental shrublike vines. The original bougainvillea plant is a native of South America from Brazil. The shrublike vine specie grow from 3 to 40 ft. in height. Bougainvillea plants are known to be ornamental plants and are popular in places with warm climates. The bracts has a variety of color among these are pink, red, orange, magenta, purple, white or yellow. Bougainvillea plants are rather pest-free but may also be affected with aphids and snails.


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